COVID-19 Tuesday 10th November 2020

We have had a positive case in school, but this person has not come into contact with children.

Protect St George’s Beneficial C of E Primary School Community

Unfortunately the infection rate in Portsmouth is increasing and is now above the national rate.

As the rate increases we need your help with keeping us all safe. We can take action to help protect ourselves.

St George’s is following the government’s hands, face and space campaign. In school everyone is washing hands frequently. Staff are socially distancing and where this is not possible for adults we wear visors. Those who are vulnerable wear visors throughout the school day. (Public Health England do not want primary aged children to wear face coverings and we follow this guidance.)

We keep classes (pods) separate.

The pupils are in their classes (pods). They remain with the same adults throughout the week. They do not mix nor move around the classroom as they did prior to Coronavirus. At break and lunchtimes they do not mix with other classes. On the playground they have their own space and equipment. For EYFS to Y4 they are served their lunches in their classrooms. Y5 & Y6 use the two halls but again we ensure they are socially distanced. KS2 have one year group assembly a week but they sit socially distancing. Staff have been allocated to specific classes and year groups. Where staff need to move between year groups precautions are in place to reduce contamination. Even our wraparound care offers a service whilst keeping 2m distance to stops pods from being cross contaminated.

How you can help

To help the situation, and keeping us all safe, please:

  • wear face coverings in and around the school – do not be tempted to lower it to talk to others
  • keep your child(ren) with you and socially distance. At both ends of the school day socially
  • distance from other families.
  • adhere to the government’s lockdown rules
  • self isolate if required – this means staying at home and not mixing, not even your wider family and especially not friends as you will be putting those around at risk.

We see children who we have been kept separate throughout the school day mixing before or after school.

We see some parents greet and hug children who are not in their family/support pods. In other time this is a good gesture but in these times it is putting others at risk.

Please help us to protect our school community

Yours sincerely,

S J Gibb                             L Drinkwater

S J Gibb (Headteacher) & L Drinkwater (Chair of Governors)

All Students please access classroom resources and materials through Google Classroom

Other Student Resources, and how to to access google classroom click HERE


“We want our children to learn the skills to achieve in life. These include:- Problem solving, Reasoning, Communication, Self-awareness, Managing feelings and Motivation”


“Our children have goals to achieve. We want them to make the best of their skills and talents.”


“Our children develop belief not only in themselves but in their faith.”


“When we have the skills and belief in place and the goals are achievable we gain success. We want all our children to succeed.”