St George’s is closed to all pupils apart from those allocated places in year group pods. There are limited places available for children of keyworkers and those who are vulnerable.

During this difficult period we are providing a remote education provision.  Please read the document ‘Remote education provision: information for parents’ which is in the new ‘Remote Learning’ section of this website.

All our pupils are expected to carry out daily remote learning and attendance is recorded. Those in school also participate by using the same learning platforms as their class.  This work is being set by the teachers daily and follows the curriculum we would be delivering in school under normal circumstances. There are adaptations and videos to support home learning.

We recognise the expectation placed on parents to promote and support remote learning is challenging and can be demanding. St George’s is here to offer guidance and help where needed. By setting up routines, as though your child is in school, and following the daily timetable adds structure to the school day, for both child and parent, and success will come more easily.

All Students please access classroom resources and materials through Google Classroom, Seesaw and Tapestry

Other Student Resources, and how to to access google classroom click HERE


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“We want our children to learn the skills to achieve in life. These include:- Problem solving, Reasoning, Communication, Self-awareness, Managing feelings and Motivation”


“Our children have goals to achieve. We want them to make the best of their skills and talents.”


“Our children develop belief not only in themselves but in their faith.”


“When we have the skills and belief in place and the goals are achievable we gain success. We want all our children to succeed.”