School Aims

St. George’s children are given a rich environment and opportunities for constantly learning.  They will have the understanding and skills to embrace Christian values in everyday life.  Through the school’s Christian ethos they will respect the diversity within their community, themselves, differences of others and surroundings.  Our pupils will leave school with the confidence and the ability and the desire to make responsible and appropriate choices.  They aspire to their full potential and are valued members of the community

St. George’s Beneficial C of E Primary School is committed to developing these values through:

  • Providing a happy, caring, secure and stimulating child-centered environment.
  • Encouraging the essential skills for the effective learner: independence, resilience, co-operation, and communication.
  • Engendering spiritual and moral values in a Christian context.
  • Creating opportunities for physical, cultural, emotional, social and aesthetic development
  • Fostering self worth and respect for others and the environment locally, nationally and throughout the world.
  • Providing a high quality of education for all our children.

Principles of Assessment


  • Is at the heart of high quality teaching and learning for all pupils;
  • affects the child’s motivation to learn;
  • puts the child at the centre of their learning;
  • is fair, honest, ambitious, appropriate and consistent;
  • is manageable, purposeful, accessible and time-efficient;
  • provides meaningful and understandable information for all stakeholders;
  • objectives set consistently high expectations for learners.

Our Purpose of Assessment:

  • To ensure teaching is appropriate and that learners make at least expected progress.
  • To celebrate; help plan next steps in learning; and support analysis of trends, leading to school improvement.
  • To inform discussion and dialogue with pupils, parents/carers, colleagues, school leaders and governors, moderators and assessors.
  • To support transition between year groups, key stages and schools.