Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Date Stepped Down Appointed By Responsibilities Category
Mrs Sandra Gibb 16/04/2004 N/A N/A Headteacher Staff
Ms Astrid Brown 27/03/2017 26/03/2021 Governing Body Chair of Govenors Co-Opted
Mrs Lorraine Drinkwater 17/05/2016 16/05/2020 Governing Body Vice Chair Co-Opted
Miss Bella Ansell 17/11/2016 16/11/2020 Parents Pupil Premium Parent
Mrs Christina Kone 09/11/2017 09/11/2021 Parents Safeguarding Parent
Mrs Cheryl Sewell 26/06/2015 26/06/2019 Governing Body Diocesan Link Foundation
Mrs Jane Whitcomb 30/06/2017 30/06/2021 Staff Teacher Staff
Revd Matthew Bray 01/07/2018 N/A Diocese of Portsmouth Diocesan Link Foundation
Ms Sonia Turton 01/01/2018 N/A N/A Clerk In Attendance
Mrs Victoria Jordan 01/06/2015 N/A N/A Bursar In Attendance
Mr Yuwei Xu 07/02/2018 07/02/2022 Governing Body
Mr Adwait Deshmukh 13/12/2018 12/12/2022 Governing Body Co-Opted
Mr Richard Parnell 17/05/2016 16/07/2017 16/07/2017 Governing Body Safeguarding
Mrs Margaret Bunn 17/05/2016 17/05/2019 31/08/2017 Governing Body Chair of Governors Co-Opted
Mr Andrew McVittie 01/09/2015 N/A 31/12/2017 N/A Clerk In Attendance

1 Co-opted Vacancy


Governors Attendance 2017 – 2018



Name Sep Away Day Sep Oct Away Day Nov Dec Feb Mar May Jul Out of a possible expected to Attend
Mrs Sandra Gibb 7 of 7
Mrs Astrid Brown 7 of 7
Mrs Lorraine Drinkwater X X 5 of 7
Miss Bella Ansell 7 of 7
Mrs Christina Kone X X X X X X 2 of 5
Mrs Cheryl Sewell X 6 of 7
Mrs Jane Whitcomb 7 of 7
Mr Yuwei Xu X X X X X X 3 of 4
Mr Adwait Deshmukh X X X X X X X X X N/A

Register of Interests: 2018-2019

Name and category of governor Relevant Business Interests Any other educational establishments governed Relationships with the school staff, including spouses, partners and relatives
Bella Ansell – Parent None None None
Astrid Brown – Co-Opted None Vice Chair of Governors – Cottage Grove Primary School PO5 1HG None
Lorraine Drinkwater – Foundation None None None
Sandra Gibb – Headteacher Board member – SEND Board; PSTA Board; Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board / Committee Member – Joint Commissioning Steering Group / Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education None None
Christina Koné – Parent None None None
Cheryl Sewell – Foundation None None None
Jane Whitcomb – Staff None None Simon Whitcomb. Husband is an artist/art technician who is occasionally employed on projects in the school
Yuwei Xu – Co-Opted None None None
Matt Bray None None None
Adwait Deshmukh None None None



Governors’ Minutes
The minutes of governor meetings are public documents and are open to be viewed
by any interested person.
The Governing Board has opted not to place its minutes on the school’s web site,
preferring instead to have them available in the school on request. We have taken
this approach as, by their nature, minutes are the written record of an official
proceeding. They are therefore not exhaustive records of everything that was said.
As a result, the Governors have a concern that reading the minutes in isolation,
without the ability to understand the context of the discussion, could be
Minutes are therefore available to be read at the school, where a member of the
senior staff or a member of the Governing Board could be available to answer any
questions or set the context of the material being discussed.
The Governing Board is not required to make available confidential minutes and
minutes which contain material relating to matters which, by reason of the nature, the
Governing Board is satisfied should remain confidential.

Governor Related Files