Headteacher’s Welcome

Skills              We use our skills, have goals, believe in
Goals              ourselves and have faith to achieve success.
Belief – in ourselves and faith

St George’s Beneficial CE Primary School is a thriving mainstream school for children aged 3-11 years. We provide
exceptional teaching, excellent pastoral care and are incredibly proud to be a Christian school. Our distinctive
Christian vision underpins our aspirations for our community. This inspires us to live out our lives with respect, hope
and courage.

We offer a safe and secure environment in which every child is nurtured and encouraged to be ambitious and
courageous in making choices to achieve their full potential. Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing
stimulating fun experience suitable for each child’s individual needs.

We have a lot of different cultures, religions and lifestyles in school; we want all to respect each other’s differences
and to celebrate the similarities. We have hope that our pupils will be good citizens in our community, making the
right choices, even when at times this can be hard for them.

We are fortunate in our ability to offer children from aged 3 years in our Early Years Foundation Stage (FSU). These
early years are vital for a child to gain confidence, curiosity and a good attitude to learning. In these first two years
the children stay in their class building strong relationships and trust whilst enjoying the facilities which only a school
can offer.

We see enrichment principal to the development of children. As we recover from the lockdowns and past eighteen
months of huge restrictions, we will offer, visits, trips and engage many visitors.  We will host full drama productions
staged by theatre groups. We will aim to send our children sailing or on a residential and open the door for talent through
our cross curricular working and extra- curricular clubs.

Being a church school we join together weekly for collective worship as well as for major Christian celebrations. By
embracing many experiences for social, moral, spiritual and cultural opportunities we enrich our curriculum. We are proud
of our good Ofsted status and diocesan rating, knowing that our role is to give our pupils the best possible start in life.

Sandra Gibb