Our Staff

ACADEMIC YEAR 2019 – 2020

Mrs Sandra Gibb Headteacher
Mrs Natasha Griggs Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Amber McDermott Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Natalie Truss SENCO
Year Group Class Teachers Support Staff
Nursery & Year R Starfish Mrs J Brown (Early Years Manager) Mrs C Arnold Miss Shuttleworth, Mrs V Jeans
Seahorses Miss G Gibbs and Miss D Quelch Mrs L Enright, Mrs A Keir, Mrs K Allen, Miss L Saville
Year 1 Turtles Mrs K Cawte and Mrs A Densham Mrs C Brooks and Mrs J Ketchen
Rainbow Fish Mrs Luter Mrs R Quinn
Year 2 Lobsters Mrs R Gregory and Mrs A Densham Mrs L Bracher
 Penguins Miss H Roche Mrs L Morrow Mrs E Borrett and Mrs M Frost
Year 3 Seals Miss L Hurst and Mrs A Densham Miss E Smith and Mrs C Douch
Otters Mrs L Neal Mrs R Ali and Miss R De Wolf (Miss M Lee – Maternity)
Year 4 Stingrays Mrs H Martin Mrs M Matthews
Marlins Mr  K McCaffray and Mrs F Kelsall Miss C Jeftha
Year 5 Dolphins Mrs L Bartlett Miss S White and Mrs R Hammal
Manatees Mrs L Wornum Mrs N Rukin, Miss F Wills and Mr J Brignall
Year 6 Whales Mr T Gadd Mrs B Harris
Sharks Mrs J Whitcomb and Mrs Griggs Mrs T Richards


Mrs A Kier Interventions
Mrs L Morrow Interventions, PPA cover
Mrs N Rukin Interventions, PPA cover
Mrs W Slee Learning Support Unit
Mrs F Jaffer HLTA and Bilingual
Mrs N Boukraa EMA and French
Mrs S Lambert Learning Support Unit
Mrs A Densham Cover and PPA
Miss V Hall Bursar
Mr A Brown Site Manager
Mrs P John Support Officer & Librarian
Ms A Hollingsworth Support Officer & SIMS
Mrs L Williams Administration and Enrichment Assistant
Mrs S Turton Clerk to Governors
Miss S Blake (Senior Supervisor)
Mrs V Boyton
Mrs N Cowlishaw
Mrs S Betteridge
Mrs K Allen
Mrs V Jeans
Mrs S Byng
Mrs C Jeftha
Mrs C Jeftha
Miss T Smith


ICT Support – Drift Mr L Pender and Apprentice Mr J Boler


Sunrisers Club
Miss S Blake Mrs V Boyton
Sunsetters Club
Miss S Blake Miss C Jeftha


Cleaning Staff
Miss S Blake Mrs N Cowlishaw
Miss B Lucas Miss M Page