School Uniform

Children are expected to wear our school colours and/or sweat shirt. There is a simple uniform chosen to keep the cost to parents as low as possible. Sweatshirts are on sale in the school office.

We expect all school aged children to wear school uniform. However it is optional for our youngest pupils who are nursery aged. Children are not allowed to wear jeans, beach shorts, sports shorts or travel/leisure suit trousers.

Boys should wear school trousers (grey or black), either long or short.
Girls should wear Grey skirts or smart trousers (grey or black),
In summer they can wear navy blue/white dresses.
All children should wear plain white shirts.

All children should wear plain navy jumper, cardigan or school sweat shirts.

Nail varnish is not appropriate for school.

P.E. Kit Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the child’s name.
Any items of lost property are usually kept in the office, but only for a short period of time.

All children must bring kit to P.E. lessons – Juniors will be given detention if they forget.

Kit is – shorts, T-shirt, gym shoes or trainers, sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms for outside games in winter.
Draw-string cloth bags are essential to keep kit safe in the school cloakrooms.
(Plastic carrier bags tear and kit gets lost).

 Swimming Kit

For all swimming lessons children must wear a recognised swimming costume. Cut down jeans or shorts will not be permitted.

While recognising that some children wear certain items of jewellery for religious reasons, the wearing of jewellery is not generally encouraged and members of staff cannot in any way be held responsible for the loss of such items. Earrings, in particular, should not be worn as there are frequent accidents involving torn ear lobes. Jewellery is not to be worn for any P.E. or games sessions for safety reasons.

Personal Belongings
Children should only bring money and personal belongings to school when necessary. No responsibility can be accepted for items which are lost. Neck purses or money belts are recommended.


Children should have a sensible hairstyle for school (no bright colours or shaved designs).

We advise that children wear their hair up if they have longer length hair – this is a necessity for P.E. and science lessons.

Hair accessories should be minimal (no large bows or headbands).