Our Ethos

Since 1753, St George’s has been the school for Portsea children and through our close working relationship with the church, we hold Christian values close to our heart.

Our Christian Values

The values which are highlighted by our school logo were chosen because they could be linked to the name of the school and easily recalled namely ‘Skills, Goals, Belief, Success’. Furthermore, each one of these values is underpinned by the 12 core values.

All children are supported in developing the skills necessary to achieve success, at whatever level, but this cannot be accomplished without perseverance, motivation, teamwork and courage.

Staff work together to help pupils understand the importance of these values. Parents are also encouraged to help their children achieve their very best.

We believe that all children are made in the image of God and must be helped to value and respect themselves by believing that they are special and can succeed. But this carries responsibilities and must not be achieved at the cost of other pupils’ well being and happiness. Learning to: make the right choices; be honest; courteous and caring; and to have compassion for those  in  need, is at the heart of our Christian faith.


Children also learn how the stories that Jesus told teach us specific values.  The values of love, compassion and forgiveness are taught through The Lost Sheep (love), The Good Samaritan (compassion) and the Prodigal Son (forgiveness).

St George’s Beneficial C of E Primary School grew from the Beneficial Society in the 18th century.  As such it was to meet the needs of the poor community in Portsea.  The Beneficial Society sponsored children to receive an education.  We hold this ethos at our heart.

We are a community school; we want the best outcomes for those who live and work in Portsea.  Over the recent years the constitution of the school has changed remarkably but so has Portsea, Portsmouth and the world. We value every child, treating all with respect, care and love.

We have a multicultural school; celebrating similarities and respecting differences.  Our children are not prejudiced, they accept all children who come from a variety of different social and cultural backgrounds.


Other Religions

To ensure inclusivity we have adapted, over the years, making the church school ethos work for all.

We have a high population of children from other cultures and religions.  We have many children speaking different languages from eastern Europe and Arabic speaking pupils from Asia.  These children bring their home faith to our school, and are respected for this

We aim to encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote the Christian values through the experience we offer to pupils.

Within school we celebrate diversity, equality and  respect of different faiths. Where differences in religion occur, i.e. teachings from the New Testament, the school make arrangements for the value to be taught but using material from a different culture.

We all are taught the same values and that God created us and through this we are taught to value ourselves.